OK, lets get personal here.


has natural creative sense.

is doing 33-something years to life.

travels in groups of one.

never stands on escalators.

met Kevin Spacey at a party. 

is into the wild. 

cultivates brands. 

is good at drawing.

lived in Australia.

does impressions.

has gone sky diving.

is a big dog person. 

knows everything Seinfeld. 

is an introverted extrovert.

had a pet Iguana.

is funnier than you think. 

prefers animals over people.

got fired from a roller skating rink job.

wishes he lived on Pandora. 

is an avid sailor.

met John Stamos in Detroit.

is part lebanese / part hill-billy.

thinks modelling is stupid.

is a retired bartender.

worked as an avocado packer.

takes random pictures with strangers. 

has washed up on many Caribbean islands.

is in a perpetual state of utopia & melancholy.

worked on a tall ship in the South Pacific. 

has appeared on romance novel covers.

favourite band is Pearl Jam.

is a logo maker.

went to art school. 

regrets going to art school. 

worked on a mango farm.

has great parents.

is made in Canada.